Law Offices of Bob Barr

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Law Offices of Bob Barr

Bob has practiced law since 1977. He is licensed to practice in Georgia and Florida and has been admitted Pro Hac Vice  in other states. His primary focus as a lawyer has been general civil and criminal trial and appellate practice, both federal and state. Bob is a licensed Mediator and Arbitrator.

Liberty Strategies

Public Policy consulting, with emphasis on Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Federal Government Relations.

Public Speaking

Bob has spoken to groups across the country and abroad. The many topics on which he has spoken include:



  • America’s Changing Political Landscape
  • Where are our Founding Fathers When We Need Them?
  • Regulations are Strangling Our Economy and Stifling Freedom
  • Executive Branch Overreach – A Serious And Growing Threat
  • Presidents on Steroids – Can We Stop Them?



  • Big Brother Is Alive And Well, And Growing
  • The Right To Privacy – Fact, Fiction or Dead Issue?
  • Edward Snowden – Hero, Traitor, Whistleblower, or All of the Above?
  • Naked-Body Scanners and Invasive Pat Downs — Has TSA Gone Too Far?
  • Drones
  • Spying on The Citizenry – Will it Stop?  Can We Stop It?  Should We?

Civil Liberties

  • Civil Liberties – America’s Most “Endangered Species”
  • We Can Fight Terrorism Without Sacrificing Civil Liberties
  • Protecting Our Civil Liberties, A Very Conservative Idea

Legal-Law Enforcement

  • Do Prosecutors Have Too Much Power?
  • Can We Slow The Over-Criminalization of America?
  • Effective Law Enforcement and Respect for Civil Liberties Can Co-Exist
  • America’s Immigration Problems – A Political Hot Potato Too Hot To Handle?
  • Militarization of Domestic Police Forces – A Bigger Problem Than Hardware

Military and Foreign Affairs

  • Keep Control of the Internet as Far as Possible Away from the U.N.
  • Meeting International Challenges With Strength, Common Sense, and Realism
  • Trying Terrorists – Civilian Courts or Military Tribunals?
  •  Posse Comitatus — The Dangers Of Expanding The Role Of Our Military In Domestic Affairs

Second Amendment Issues

  • The Future Of The Second Amendment
  • The Second Amendment Is About More Than Just Guns
  • The UN Wants Your Guns – And It May Get Them